4 benefits of having a septic tank system

Wastewater disposal is as an important but sometimes overlooked subject. Most homeowners tend to only focus on the things that they usually see like the house and the garden. But the truth of the matter is the proper disposal of waste should be high up every homeowner’s lists. Fortunately, these days we have very reliable and highly effective solutions for wastewater disposal. One of these solutions is the septic tank system. In this article, we enumerate the 4 major benefits of using septic tanks.

septic tanks

  1. A cost-effective solution

Septic systems are generally more economical than using public sewer lines. Installing new pipes can prove costly especially if your property is quite expansive. Pipe laying will also need additional costs for labour and equipment used. This might even be impossible for homeowners who live in the country away from major sewer lines. In these situations, installing a septic tank system is the more economical choice.

Septic tanks are designed to be quite robust and operate using a simple mechanism. This makes them easier to maintain in the long run which ultimately saves you in maintenance costs.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Septic tanks have a much less environmental footprint. Sewer pipes, especially longer ones, can leak untreated water to the soil during transport. Pipes are susceptible to cracks and rust compromising its integrity. This is highly dangerous as it can contaminate underground water sources. Leaked untreated wastewater poses a great health risk for the community. Troubleshooting these can also prove costly. Small cracks can be hard to spot especially on a rather long pipe.

Septic systems, on the other hand, ensure that wastewater is held directly after use from your household, like the kitchen or laundry unit. This minimises the risk of leaks during transport. The water is then collected in the tank and undergoes a natural low impact filtration system. This system uses the soil’s natural filtering properties to harmlessly neutralize bacteria and other substances. Releasing water into the soil also helps to replenish underground water reservoirs.

  1. Wastewater is treated on-site

As mentioned above, wastewater is treated within your property. Using public sewage treatment facilities also means you get higher. And like other utilities, any problem that may arise in the facility can affect you too. Having an independent on-site wastewater treatment saves you on water costs as well as isolates you from service interruptions. If you do get problems on your system, it being isolated makes it a lot easier to handle. They tend to be easier to deal with by professionals. See more here septic tanks

  1. Long-lasting

Septic tank systems are made from highly durable materials. This, coupled with their compact design, is what makes them quite durable. Most setups also use a few, if any, moving parts which minimises the risk for them breaking down or failing. Also, since they are usually buried underground, this provides additional protection from the elements. With enough professional maintenance, these systems can last up to a lifetime.

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