Basic cycling apparel and accessories for neophyte cyclists

Cycling is a sport that many indulge in not only for their health but also for their enjoyment. And like any other sport, you will find equipment and accessories as well as clothing that are ideal for it. When you are thinking of getting into the sport of cycling, there are some essentials you need to have on your list. These include cycling shorts, cycling jerseys, and even a cycling hat.

With all the clothing and accessories out there made the sport, neophytes sometimes end up buying stuff they don’t need. To help you out, here are some of the basics that you should have on your list:

Cycling shorts – These are very different from regular shorts because it has a design that allows for ease of movement. These shorts come with padding near the crotch area to help absorb moisture and reduce friction. These are also made with a stretchable fabric that makes the shorts fit the wearer perfectly.

Cycling jersey – A jersey made for this sport consists of a design that hugs the body for freedom of movement and a material that is moisture-wicking. In short, it is shirt that fits the body and absorbs moisture. These come in a standard design, with extra back pockets and front zipper. It also has a high neckline to protect skin from over exposure to the sun. These can come with long sleeves or short sleeves. Some also come without sleeves, which are ideal for really warm conditions. Check it out at Mellow Johnny’s

Cycling shirts – No, we are not talking about cycling t shirts, but rather about undershirts that you wear under your cycling jerseys. Also called a base layer, this is an added piece of clothing that does two things. It absorbs moisture during warm days and adds a layer of insulation during cold days. These come in a variety of materials to suit the current climate. You can choose wool for the winter and cotton for summer.

Cycling cap – People question the need for a cycling hat when the cyclists wear a helmet when they ride. The cap is like the base layer in use. It helps absorb sweat and protects the eyes from the glare of the sun. It also helps protect the helmet from sweat that can make it slip.

Cycling gloves – Another piece of clothing that a cyclist should not forget to wear are gloves. The best cycling gloves are those that enhance grip, have added cushioning, and can protect the hand all at the same time.

Aside from the cycling hat and cycling shorts, you should also consider a few other pieces of clothing and accessories to improve how you ride. Shoes, glasses, and socks that are ideal for the sport should also be on your list. Where do you get these? Stores like Mellow Johnny’s online carries a wide variety of products made particularly for the sport.

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