The Common iPhone Problems and Possible Solutions

The Apple iPhone is one of the best smartphones out there thanks to its versatility and robustness of features. These make it one of the most functional phones that you can have out there. In spite of its solid construction, high tech features and robust functionality, the Apple iPhone still experiences a host of problems. Fortunately, some of these are ones that you can simply fix on your own and you may not need to contract iPhone repair Melbourne services.

Here are some of those common problems that you are likely to encounter for which you can apply simple fixes without necessarily opting for theiPhone repair in Melbourne services –

The Frozen Screens

This is one of the most common problems that you are likely to encounter with your Apple iPhones. The screen becomes “frozen” when it is unresponsive. When this happens, you can simply turn it off and then ON again in order to bring it back to life. When this technique does not work, you can go ahead and reset the iPhone by holding both the Home key and the Sleep/Wake button of the iPhone simultaneously. If this still doesn’t work, connect the iPhone to a computer and then connect to the iTunes store in order to restore your iPhone iOS. When you are restoring your iPhones using the iTunes, it is important to always back up your data before proceeding.

Your iPhone Refuses to Power ON

This is another common problem that you are likely to encounter with your iPhones. In this case, the best way to attempt a restoration is by connecting your iPhone to a power supply and then charging the iPhone battery. When doing this, it is important to be patient as it may be a while before the low battery screen appears on your iPhone screen. If this still doesn’t work, contact an iPhone repair Melbourne service in order to carry out troubleshooting and repairs on your iPhones.

Trouble Connecting to a Wi-Fi

If you are having issues with this, it is important to first ensure that the Wi-Fi is enabled on your iPhone device via the settings menu on your iPhone. If the Wi-Fi connection is still not there after verifying the settings, try powering your iPhone ON and OFF. If this is still not working, hold the Home key and the Sleep/Wake keys simultaneously in order to attempt a restoration. You may also try to make the phone “forget” the network; a step that normally brings back the Wi-Fi connection. If you are still unable to connect to the Wi-Fi after undertaking all these steps, contact a Melbourne iPhone repair service in order to bring your iPhone back to life.

iPhone Refuses to Power OFF

Where your iPhone refuses to power OFF, you can try forcing this by simultaneously holding the home and sleep/wake keys for about five seconds. Keep holding this until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen. After sometime, you should be able to power your phone on and off without any difficulties. If this problem is persisting, contact the best iPhone repair Melbourne service for assistance in restoring your iPhone back to life.

Camera is not working

First, try to remove any restrictions that may be preventing your camera from working by checking out the settings to “allow camera”. You can also try powering the device on and off or connecting your iPhone to the iTunes in order to restore the iPhone. Whenever you are unsure about any particular problem on your iPhones, you can contact iPhone repair Melbourne services that will help in restoring your iPhone to the best condition possible in a cost effective manner.