The greatest benefits of massage therapy

A massage therapy is very relaxing and imparts a number of physical, emotional and psychological benefits even in a single session of massage Ipswich masseurs provide. If you are feeling stressed after a week of hard work or feeling fatigued and lethargic, then you can head to your nearest spa or massage parlour to get rejuvenated. A relaxing massage can improve your energy levels, immunity, reduce anxiety and relax your body. Here are a few advantages of getting a therapeutic massage.

Stress relief: Everyone is affected with stress today. Stress causes a lot of behaviour deterioration like angry outburst, social withdrawal, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, anxiety and restlessness, lack of motivation and subsequent depression. However, studies show that a good massage therapy can considerably lower blood pressure and heart rate, relax the contracted muscles, and promote endorphin secretion that makes a person feel healthier and happier. massage Ipswich masseurs provide can also cause serotonin as well as dopamine secretion and makes a person feel calmer, which can effectively aid in fighting back short term stress. It also helps a person who is trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and studies reveal that even a short massage session of about ninety minutes can lower the levels of cortisol and insulin.

Relaxes the body: When there’s too much of stress, human body tends to build unhealthy stress hormones that cause sleeplessness, headache, digestive troubles and poor health. A relaxing massage can restore the recovery procedures of the body by lowering the cortisol levels. The good effects of a massage Ipswich therapy lingers long after the session is over. An experienced and reputed masseur can offer you various massage styles and techniques to enhance the relaxation process. Besides boosting relaxation, a regular massage therapy can effectively reduce pain, increase energy levels and impart a holistic physical and emotional wellness.

Improves posture: Most people who are needed to work for long hours, suffer from severe neck and back pain. But a proper massage therapy can relax and loosen the contracted muscles and help to alleviate the sore muscles caused by poor posture. It also allows the body to reposition itself in relaxing postures that do not cause any pain or uneasiness. Therefore, massage therapy helps to relieve the pressure points, joints and muscles. Check out Andrea Plumb Therapies for more!

Improves blood circulation: A person affected with bad circulation can suffer from various ailments like cold hands and feet, fatigue, and achiness which are also caused by lactic acid accumulation in various parts of the body. A good circulation can relax tensed muscles and promotes better oxygen and blood circulation. It also helps in healing different ailments by moving the blood through the congested and contracted areas. The strokes and moves in the massage help to flush out the lactic acid accumulated in the muscles and improve lymph fluid circulation that carries away metabolic wastes from the internal organs. This helps in lowering the blood pressure and insulin levels and improving functionality of the body.

Therefore, regular sessions of massage in Ipswich help to create a protective shield to secure you from the ill effects of toxins and poor lifestyle.