Service Schedule That You Need to Follow for Your Mitsubishi Car

To keep your Mitsubishi car running at its full potential, a regular service schedule can be a great help. However, it’s worth noting that some parts of your car need to be checked regularly while others don’t. Thus, make sure to follow the Mitsubishi service schedule Australia has today if you’re currently living in this country to avoid major issues before they take place.

To make it easier for you to keep track of your service schedule, below, we have made a checklist to keep on top of your Mitsubishi car maintenance.

·        Fuel Filter

If this part gets clogged, your car’s engine won’t run smoothly or will be damaged completely. As a general rule of thumb, you need to change the fuel filter before you reach 30,000 miles. To find out the current condition of your filter, you can ask a professional mechanic to conduct a pressure test.

If you’re worried about the fee, you shouldn’t because the Mitsubishi ASX service cost, as well as other Mitsubishi models, are not expensive.

·        Oil & Oil Filter

As the engine runs bits of carbon, metal, and dirt will get stuck in the oil and may cause damage to your engine. To prevent this, have your oil and oil filter change regularly. Usually, non-synthetic oil last 3000 miles, while the synthetic ones last around 5000 to 10000 miles. To ensure when is the right time to change check the Mitsubishi service schedule Australia offers today.

·        Coolant

Change the coolant of your Mitsubishi car after six months. This prevents overheating that may cause excessive damage.

However, if you can’t replace the coolant of your Triton, then seek help from professionals. Usually, the Mitsubishi Triton service cost is not as costly as you think.

But if you don’t want to hire a professional and want to do it by yourself make sure to check the Mitsubishi Triton service book to avoid further damage.

·        Power Steering Fluid

One of the main causes of excessive cause while turning your wheel is low power steering fluid. So, plan to replace and flush your power steering when issues arise or after 75000 miles.

·        Serpentine Belt

Despite its simple look, the serpentine belt of your car is very important. This will keep your air conditioner compressor, alternator, and other peripheral devices running. To make sure that it is free from tear and wear make sure to check it visually. You can change it according to the Mitsubishi service schedule Australia offers today. Again, if you’re living in the said country, if not then make sure to check the schedule dedicated to your country. Check Toowong Mitsubishi for more details.

Aside from the above-mentioned here are the other schedules that you need to follow.

Check Regularly

·         Exhaust

·         Cables

·         Battery

·         Hoses

·         Windshield washer fluid

·         Tread

·         Tire inflation

Every six months

·         Wiper blades

·         Polish

·         Chassis lubrication

·         Oil

·         Oil filter

·         Automatic transmission fluid

·         Air filter

Every one year

·         Lights

·         Hoses

·         Brakes

·         Belts

·         Cables

·         Battery

·         Coolant

·         Wiper blades

·         Engine oil

·         Chassis Lubrication

·         While alignment

·         Tire condition

Final Say

These are only a few of the guidelines that you need to follow. For a more detailed schedule check your owner’s manual or have your vehicle check in service shops.

Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to buying a Mitsubishi car but don’t know where to start, visit for more details.