The advantages of having a wastewater treatment system at home

Aqua Nova is one of the best wastewater treatment systems available in Australia and is distributed by Everhard Industries. This wastewater system treats domestic wastewater coming from kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry through aeration.

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If your property is not connected to any major sewer lines, the Australian government requires that you have your own water treatment system, like Aqua Nova, at home.

Pollution and water contamination

The Australian government requires properties not connected with major sewer lines to have their own water treatment system to prevent pollution and contamination of potable drinking water

Inefficient wastewater treatment can be dangerous to human health and the environment. Effluent, the by-product of wastewater, is released to the environment through rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans to be part of the water cycle again. The untreated effluent contains billions of pathogens and bacteria that can pose a threat to wildlife, marine life and humans.

Moreover, effluent that has not gone through a quality treatment system can affect a clean water supply and cause a widespread of diseases. Potable drinking water must not contain even a single coliform bacteria and E. coli. However, a litre of untreated effluent contains a million of E. coli, so just imagine if your drinking water is contaminated with just a single drop of effluent. Click here Everhard

Aside from preventing pollution and water contamination, here are some benefits of having an Aqua Nova water system at home:

1.      Treated effluent can be used for irrigation

Once domestic wastewater has been treated through the Aqua Nova wastewater treatment system, it can be used for irrigation without posing any threat to your family’s health and the environment. It no longer contains dangerous pathogens and is safe to be released in the environment.

Treated effluent for irrigating your garden is as good as water stored in a concrete rainwater tank. Recycling water by using it on your garden is a good way of conserving water and helping the environment.

2.      It is economical

Having your own wastewater treatment at home can save you a lot of money by lowering your water consumption. Just imagine how many litres of water you can save by using recycled water for your garden and irrigation.

Another way you can save money on your water bill is by having rainwater pits installed for storing rainwater. Collecting rainwater for future use, such as cleaning your pavement and washing your car will not only help conserve water, but will also save you money as well.

3.      It improves the value of your property

Just like having a proper rainwater drainage system installed, having a wastewater treatment, such as Aqua Nova, can increase the value of your property. If you are planning to sell your property in the future, this type of home improvement is attractive especially to home buyers who are environment-lovers and want to save on their water bill.

If you are interested in having Aqua Nova installed at your home or if you want to have an efficient rainwater drainage system, please visit for more information.