The importance of a medical examination for coal workers in Australia

Whatever job you enter in Australia, you will most likely be required by your employer to undergo a medical exam. This is to ensure that you will begin working with them in the pink of health. This is where occupational physician services come in. An occupational physician is someone who understands workplace related conditions and is someone who knows what has to be done to keep workers healthy.

In the country’s coal mining industry, occupational physician services are needed right at the start, much like most jobs, but also while the work is ongoing. This is because of the fact that coal mining is a hazardous profession that requires the constant monitoring of a health professional. This is to ensure that the people working in this industry remain in good health.

Why a medical exam is needed in such lines of work

When you want to become a coal mine worker, you will be required to undergo a series of medical exams to ensure your in good health. These include checking of your person’s blood pressure, vision, and overall health. Your hearing, weight, height, and respiratory condition are also checked.

The reason why a pre-employment check is done is to ensure that anyone entering the line of work they are starting is fit for the job. This examination is also used for risk management and to find out if you have underlying conditions that may make you unsuitable for the work you are applying for.

In the coal mining industry, there are a few exams that you need to undergo before you can be considered for the job. The coal board medical or order 43 medical, which used to be order 41, is the medical exam that you need to undergo. The coal board medical QLD exams workers are required to take happens before you begin work and once every 3 years after you enter the industry.

Before you can undergo any medical exams for your line of work, you first need to fill out section 2 of the coal board medical form or any similar health assessment form, and to bring a photo ID. Employers are obligated to fill out section 1 of this same form. They need to provide this form to the doctor who will facilitate your health assessment.

Aside from filling out the first part of the health form, employers also need to cover the order 43 medical cost for you as employee. If your employer refuses to cover the cost and instead asks you to pay for this exam yourself, the exam won’t push through. As per regulations, the employer is the only person who can arrange and pay for such an exam.

If you are applying for work in the coal mining industry and want to know more about these medical exams, you should check out, and read all about order 43 and how it works. You can also read about what medical tests you will be going through, why it is important that your employer covers such exams, and even find out more about occupational physician services that people in your industry are entitled to.