Vortex Viper HD vs. ATN ThOR 4 vs. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro: Three-way Comparison

Gone are the days when you need to spend all of your savings to be fully equipped with a range of hunting accessories.

Hunting has now become a bit cheaper! Although night hunting has seen a massive increase over the last few years, there are still a lot of hunters who prefer doing it in broad daylight. So, the three choices should cover most hunters today.

Today, a lot of brands offer great equipment that still has good value like Vortex binoculars and ATN scopes. So, hunting with thermal, night vision, or long-range scopes has become more accessible for a lot of people.

Here are three of the best long-range binoculars and night-vision and thermal scopes in the market today:

Vortex Viper HD 8×42

This brand has made a name for itself these past few years as they have combined quality with great value. So, it’s not a wonder why many wildlife enthusiasts love their binoculars and scopes, and the Vortex Viper HD 8×42 did not disappoint.

If you want to have the clearest image that you can get for less than a thousand dollars, this is one of the Vortex binoculars that you should get. As with other binoculars from the brand, they strike a balance between price and performance. It’s also notable that it’s not a huge step down from more expensive models that offer the same functionality.

The Vortex Viper HD 8×42 also has a sturdy focus knob and excellent comfort. They also offer enough performance for all-day trips in the wild or birding festivals. So, if you want to take wildlife or bird watching more seriously, this is perfect for you.


Thermal imaging used to be limited to big companies, the military, or law enforcement as it used to cost upwards of ten thousand dollars. The ATN ThOR Australia hunters prefer is the model that offers both exceptional performance and value. So, the ATN ThOR 4 fits this perfectly as it costs as low as $1999 up to $3499 in bigger lens sizes.

The ATN ThOR also has a sensor size of 384×288, and it has excellent detection ranges. The scope has a “human detection range” of 1800 yards, and its “target recognition range” is at 720 yards. However, these measurements should be taken with a spoonful of salt as the methodology for getting the brand does not reveal these measurements.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20X

If you want to level up your night hunting game, the ATN 4K Pro should at the top of your list. Also, with its MSRP of $799, it’s not too expensive, considering that it offers almost the same performance as the more expensive competition. Also, it’s easier to buy ATN scope online as they can be easily found on more websites.

Although using a night vision scope can be intimidating at first, the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20X has a simple interface that even newbies can figure out. It only has five buttons that you can use to navigate through all its settings so that you won’t be overwhelmed.

If you want to know more about Vortex binoculars or ATN scopes, you should visit thebarn.net.au.